Selasa, 27 April 2010

Long Time No See

hello! for everyone who've read this site, i'm back!

i'm still confused about what i'll write here...

what should i do?
can you give me some suggestions?

Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

Another About Me

since i was child, I like the languages. I think, without language, we can't speak with others. language is the communication's host (does it correct?). I like to see the alphabets, not numbers. I don't know why, but my interest of language is gotten bigger and bigger. I can't stop it. there's a warm feeling when I'm close with the books.
why did I feel that? until now, I still loved books more than anything in the world. I can't stop writing. the sensation is too nice to stop. I hope I still can write in all of my life.

Kamis, 17 Desember 2009


It’s my story in fourth grade elementary school. At that time, I was very popular in the school. But I didn’t know why. One of some evidence (?) was many boys asked me to be his girlfriend. But I’ve always refused them all. I didn’t know anything about making a relationship with a boy. (oh, we’re still in elementary school…)
What the hell is happened to these boys? Why am I being so popular? That was I thoughts in that time.
“Maybe because you won the poem making and reading contest?” said Vita, my friend.
“No, I think because you’re very smart,” said Happy (yes, it’s her name), my other friend.
“But, in whole school? The people who knows her smartness are our classmates,” said Vivi, my other (again) friend.
I couldn’t give any comments. I have no idea at all. Why? Is the reason is one of the things that mentioned by my friends? Or all three?
A few days after, my classmates, Ari, asked me to be his girlfriend.
“Why do you like me?” I asked to him.
“Umm… maybe because you’re a nice girl?” he answered.
“Yes, maybe?”
Then, I refused him.
After that incident, I still didn’t know why until now. What do you think about me?

Kamis, 19 November 2009

welcome to natsume's world

nice to meet you, i'm natsume. i'm a second grade senior high school. if you have so many spare time, please read this note. and if there are wrong-spelling, please tell me. okay?

i'll start about my life.
my daily act is writing, reading, drawing, playing my pc, goes to school, and help my parents clean our house.
i think i didn't have any extreme life, just an ordinary life. my parents loved me, and i have a sister and a brother. all are older than me, so i'm the youngest child.

ok. please read and enjoy my notes.
see you next time!